Farmhouse “Feudo Ramaddini” – Marzamemi

The sicilian tradition of the birth of the wine from the grape harvest to bottling


The company “Feudo Ramaddini” is on the market in the wine industry since 2003. It was founded primarily to pass on the history of Sicilian wine production, but also to trade the real sicilian wine in Italy and around the world. In modern innovative production techniques are used, under the supervision of our experts who passionately follow the birth of the wine from the grape harvest, the bottling of the product. The credit goes to our territory: the bounty of the land and the painstaking care of growers for vineyards ensures the quality and excellence of our wines. Feudo Ramaddini produces wines such as “Grillo”, native wine Sicilian Nero d’Avola, Cabernet, Syrah, Chardonnay and especially the Passito di Noto.

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Farmhouse “Feudo Ramaddini”
Contrada Lettiera, Marzamemi (Siracusa)

Phone: +39 0931 1847100

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