Announcement for agriculture in Sicily

Published on October 22, 2012


The Department for Agriculture and Food Resources of Sicily Region will provide 13 million and 500 thousand euro for “Business investment in the greenhouse sector.” The call for agriculture in Sicily is for entrepreneurs who must apply within 120 days of publication of the notice in the Official Journal of the Sicilian Region, only filling out the form attached to the announcement, which will be ‘also published on the website by the Directorate of food and agricultural resources of the Region of Sicily, where they will be available all relevant information.
Aid granted to the tender concern only the greenhouse crops to intervene on the modernization of the sector, characterized by very modern techniques and undiversified. They can then be supplied only projects of farms operating in Sicily whose objective to improve and become more competitive in the field of ornamental plants and tropical horticulture, floriculture and nursery sector.
The money will be delivered in the form of capital contribution, accounting for 40 percent of the planned investment in the financing. Projects submitted must not exceed 1 million and 500 thousand euro for associated enterprises and have a cost of between 25 thousand and 500 thousand euro for the individual companies.