Windjet case: consequent drop in tourism in Sicily

Published on September 4, 2012


The availability falling and the fear for the stability failure of some cities, have helped to limit significantly around liquidity for incoming travel agencies and all the activities that need their profits to good weather. According to some estimates made public by summer 2012 it was reported a drop in bookings of about 30%. Unfortunately tourism in Sicily is going down for two years, but was not expected, however, a very important and consecutive fall in this year.
To exasperate all it was the economic crisis that is crushing potential travelers. It is feared the collapse of the euro and weigh the rising cost of gasoline; Airlines fail and drag everything thoroughly turnovers. The issue of the failure of the company Wind Jet and the resulting Cancellations of all flights, has created chaos: people have sovraffolato trains and other transportation discouraging much. Some were often forced to surrender, and cancels the trip. Tour operators and carriers are in complete conflict, immersed in a jungle of rates that makes it even more difficult to communicate with customers, who are looking to spend less, and with suppliers that aim to profit instead. For this reason, the travel agencies are forced to cut costs and not to confirm the staff on short term contracts, creating unemployment.
Only cruises face the crisis by limiting the damage. Failure decrease of inflow, however due to a substantial price cuts, reduced quite a bit, even after the unfortunate events related to large vessels; this means that turnover and margins also fell for the shipping companies.