Biotechnology center in Palermo

Published on December 2, 2012


By 2013 it is expected the start of work, with completion in 2016. The project was presented to Renato Balduzzi and Francesco Profumo, respectively minister for health and research. The center will cover an area of ​​over 30,000 square meters and will be built on 16 hectares of land donated by the Region of Sicily. The project involves many Italian and international companies that won the tender published in 2011. Energy savings and minimal environmental impact, materials chosen with the utmost respect for nature are just some of the prerogatives of the basis for the realization of the future structure. The research areas to be developed are numerous: molecular imaging and neuroscience, drug discovery, vaccine development, development of biomedical devices, regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, structural and computational biology.
The effects on the Sicilian economy will be significant. Palermo will be the destination not only of the most important scientists of our country, but also of qualified doctors and scientists Italians and foreigners. For the realization of the project, there are about 1,200 hires. The potential of the center are enormous concrete opportunities to scholars and researchers Italian, new research perspectives in terms of experimental therapies, not to mention the development of new techniques of regenerative medicine, so innovative as to make obsolete organ transplants. The new center will be located in the province of Palermo Carini. Finally something concrete to prevent the brain drain in Italy.