Cesaro (Me) – Festival of the black pig and porcini mushroom

Published on October 27, 2012


From October 19 to 21 will be held the traditional “festival of porcini mushrooms and black pig of the Nebrodi” Cesaro (Me), one of the most exciting events designed to enhance the products of the panorama nebroideo. Between stands, tastings and musical groups the event is always an opportunity not to be missed for all those wishing to discover the flavors, scents and sounds of the region’s traditions. First of all the black pig, of which the town of Cesaro he enjoys fatherhood. The presence in Sicily of the breed of pig, almost wild, which has always found life in the woods and pasture, is found as early as the greek and Carthaginian (VII-VI century BC). This type of traditional breeding, it is found throughout the Middle Ages to the present day a little bit all over Sicily but particularly on the Nebrodi, with the breed name cesarotana. Since 2001 the Nebrodi black pig was recognized ministerial population register as a native breed of Sicily; He lives mainly in the wild and this is reflected in the excellent characteristics of its ruby-red meat and the intense aromatic flavor.
The festival offers the opportunity to taste the meat of the black pig and the delicacy of taste and smell of porcine Nebrodi, the most common variety in these areas is the boletus aereus namely the porcine black. This year the festival was held at the most suitable for the performance of “The Regional Congress of Mycology” in Sicily, organized dall’UNPISI as also the place chosen for the preparation of “Mycological Show”.
Both the black pig that porcini mushrooms Nebrodi are two excellent traditional gastronomy cesarese. It ‘also provided the presence of many stands for the promotion of local products such as dairy products, including the famous tasty cheese and delicious milk cheese.