How to earn online with affiliates

Published on July 27, 2017


The world of affiliations is surely the most profitable method to earn on the internet. In this article we will provide some useful advice on how to earn online with affiliates and what strategies to apply to maximize the conversion rate. Many come to this page by looking at Google “earning a blog” or “how to earn online” as it is useless to deny that the nail is fixed for every user who is publishing something online is “How to Make Money With Advertising!”.
In order to be able to earn online with advertising, the practice imposes first and foremost the use of banner ads on the pages with the highest number of visits in addition to the production of textual content to iosa to keep the site up to date and to attract more interest. Thinking about an immediate gain is a pretty common illusion since earning hundreds of thousands of visits per month requires online advertising. To achieve this or invest money into site growth with targeted promotion plans, or expect a long time with the awareness that seldom you will reach a considerable number of visits. Affiliate is a speech different from advertising. Online affiliation consists in promoting third-party products and services in exchange for a commission on the sale generated. To create a membership you need:
– Have a site with trusted content;
– Subscribe to the affiliate program of your own interest;
– Generate links or banners for the product or products to be promoted;
– Publish everything on your site.
How much do you earn with affiliates?
Gain percentages are set by those who propose affiliate. They range from 3% to over 50% as per Affiliations to TripAdvisor. With regard to Affiliations to, commissions start from 25% and then increase based on the bookings generated. On earnings stemming from affiliations, the law imposes the limit of € 5,000 over which the stake is required.
How to choose the right affiliate?
Understanding what is the best affiliate is not easy. We recommend relying on a serious, well-established brand that pays on time and is reliable as technical support, information that can be obtained by reading reviews and discussions on the network. It is essential to check that the affiliate’s cookie (representing the affiliate traceability system) keeps the customer in mind for a long enough time, at least one year. If cookies are stored for a short time, transactions must necessarily be completed immediately, otherwise traceability and therefore possible gain will be lost.
What is the conversion rate for affiliations and how to maximize it?
In the affiliation world, the Conversion Rate is the percentage of unique visitors that make it possible to reach the goal of affiliation, that is, profit. To maximize conversion rates for your affiliates, it is advisable to include banners and links within articles or pages that are strictly related to what is being advertised for the interests of the various users who have come to your site in various ways.
Are you online recently and do you want to earn money online? Do not worry, you can do it.
You can earn with affiliates even if you’re “invisible” to Google and the major search engines. The only way to do this is to periodically invest small amounts of money into advertising on Google AdWords or Facebook Ads, with the purpose of targeting traffic to the page or pages that contain affiliate links. Currently around 25 euros you can buy 250 clicks on Google AdWords or Facebook Ads and reach users who with great luck could also increase your Conversion Rate. Why do we cite luck? Creating an ad campaign is quite simple, carefully selecting the target, and then the audience to which sponsorship is is much more complicated. If the user’s interest in advertising is not aroused, everything is in vain and you spend unnecessarily money.
With great optimism, it is reasonable to think that if the product sponsored in the advertising campaign costs € 200 and it is awarded a commission of 10% (or 20 euros) on each affiliate sale, with only 5 sales for the 250 clicks obtained, Gain of 20 euros that for 5 sales becomes 100 euros.
With 25 euro advertising investment, you get 100 euros of revenue with affiliations!
If it always worked so, the wealth would be in the reach of everyone, but rarely are so fortunate as it often happens that 250 clicks nobody brings a profit! To be able to earn online with affiliates, we recommend so much patience, a continuous updating of the textual content and and above all never to surrender.

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