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Pubblished on 26 October, 2015


Transport Sicily
Sicily can be reached easily by any means of transport. Being able to move easily is certainly a prerequisite for a perfect holiday. In the transport of Love Sicily Sicily, we will try to be as helpful as possible by providing complete information and updated at the same time, on transport services Sicily offers travelers to make their holiday in Sicily as relaxing as possible.

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  • The motorway network

On the northern side of the A20 motorway linking Messina and Palermo: the length of the section is 230 km ca. and it is expected to pay the toll. The A19 motorway connects Palermo and Catania. The distance is about 200 km and is not expected to pay the toll. Moving towards the central part of Sicily take the highway A19 which crosses the city of Caltanissetta and Enna. Also from Palermo to reach Mazara del Vallo (TP), part of the A29 with the branch A29dir, so you can get to Trapani. Is the distance of nearly 100 km, while to arrive in Mazara del Vallo, always starting from the Sicilian capital, you need to travel about 120 kilometers. For both highways is not expected to pay the toll. From Palermo to Catania, you can redirect the A19 towards the SS-121 until near Lercara Friddi Li (Bivio Manganaro) and then reach the SS-189 allows you to head to Agrigento. The total distance of the Palermo-Agrigento is about 125 km. Finally from Catania, along the E45 to the south, you can take the SS-114 that permits you to reach Syracuse. The total distance between the two cities is about 70 kilometers. From Catania’s ring road E45 also the SS-194 / SS-514 for the city Ragusa: the distance is about 90 Km.
Railway lines with trains in Sicily fast and comfortable crossing the island are the Palermo-Messina side settentrionele and Messina – Catania – Siracusa on the east. Are also carried out the routes Palermo – Trapani, Palermo – Agrigento, Palermo – Caltanissetta, the Palermo – Gela, the Caltanissetta – Siracusa, the Catania – Agrigento and Gela – Catania.