Contrade Sicilian Food – Modica

Genuine products grown in harmony with nature and with the most modern techniques


Our company has always invested many resources in innovation and growth. Today we boast the production of natural products grown in harmony with nature and with the most modern techniques. We face new challenges head-on with the now mature industry knowledge handed down over time. Contrade Sicilian Food is located in the district Macconi, in the province of Ragusa, maritime area well known for the white broom, very rare plant of the Mediterranean, which grows only in the northern coasts of Africa. We guarantee a service of transportation of goods efficient and immediate in Europe with a unique quality. We produce all year round cherry tomatoes, plum tomatoes, vine tomatoes, Piccadilly tomatoes and tomato salad, beefsteak tomatoes only in the period from November to May.

How to reach us:

Contrade Sicilian Food
Operative office
Contrada Macconi, 97011 Acate (RG)

Legal office
Cacciatori delle Alpi street, 357
97019 Vittoria – Ragusa

Phone: +39 0932 1865202
Fax: +39 0932 801089

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