“Court Montoneri” wine farm – Siracusa

The agricultural tradition of Sicily known worldwide


Court Montoneri is a production of wine which aims to keep unchanged the oldest systems of production Pachino. Just Pachino, in fact, is one of the countries that best carries on the agricultural tradition of Sicily, for that is known throughout the world. The company in 1994 was honored with the prestigious “Italy that works”, distinguished by the production and sale of wines Montoneri Court. All the vineyards and crops of fruit (peaches and apricots) followed personally by the family members Montoneri efficiently and naturally. The modernization of the agricultural sector, the new professional and tax breaks have enabled us to improve and provide our customers with high quality products. We renewed our tools making them legally, but always keeping in mind the most ancient agricultural methods for the creation of true Sicilian wine. Among all our productions, it deserves mention Nero d’Avola wine that presents itself to the eye with a nice ruby ​​red, more or less strong depending on the types of the vineyard, its arrangement and aging, has a taste with hints berry, cherry, plum; in the best areas it presents spicy and balsamic notes. Serve at 15-18 ° C, and goes well with red meats, roasts and mature cheeses (and red meat).

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Wine farm Court Montoneri
C.da corruggia N°1
Priolo gargallo, Syracuse 96010 – Italy

Phone: +39 0931 761487
Fax: +39 0931 761528
Cell: +39 331 5217263

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