Touristic districts in Sicily: useless projects and millions lost

Published on September 22, 2017


We are now familiar with how Sicily can manage the resources available to the European community in the worst possible way. The new speculation tools are called “Tourist Districts”, born with the noble intention of promoting tourism in Sicily dividing it into ideal areas each with natural resources, history, culture, shared areas easily accessible; with many new ideas and well-designed projects to draw on the funds made available by the European community.
Tourist directives have been operating for several years and are formed by consortia of municipalities and businesses. In Sicily they counted 25: a good 35% did not produce anything that turned out to be an incredible flop. Many of the money available has never been used for lack of initiatives and about 12 million euros have been spent on the usual local proposals that have penalized Sicily in terms of visibility and lack of synergy in resource use.
Among the data released by the Sicilian region, 48 projects were funded for a total of 15 million and 400 thousand euros, some of which was withdrawn because of the withdrawal of 9 projects for a total amount of about 3.8 million. In conclusion, unused resources amounted to € 12 million and € 400 thousand, sums being virtually lost. Precisely for these reasons, the number of districts has been reduced to 7, for each of them the model has been reformed to avoid new periods of inactivity, irregularities in operation or resource management, substantial disparities in the activities carried out with respect to the development program expected.
Sicily is a region in the forefront of exploitation without the results of funds made available by the European community with the aim of helping and promoting the Sicilian tourist wonders, unfortunately never valued for what they deserve.

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