Quad excursion – Siracusa

Sports moments among the beautiful Syracusan panoramas


Syracuse Quad. Via Fusco Necropolis of 11 – Belvedere of Syracuse, Sicily, Italy. Quad We give it to you. On our trips there is no age.
Itinerary “On the streets of Alpheus” – “Ciane river”
An hour and a half of pure adrenaline with explorations in the nature flanked by the “Ciane river”, the scene of myths and legends, one of the most evocative of the area of Syracuse. The path is completed in two hours at most.
Itinerary “Coast to Costa”
Pure off-road along the scenic coast of the “Plemmirio” marine protected area.
Itinerary “Under the mantle of the stars”
Three hours off the road at night to discover the nature reserve of Ciane, land of the Tivoli and the rugged coastline of the island.