Facebook copy twitter: here is the new hashtag

Published on June 23, 2013


Even Facebook is brought forward, but not in a completely original. With the new updates, users can use the new hashtag until now visible, but not clickable. The now famous sign (#), introduced by Twitter, become an integral part of the discussions on the most popular social network in the world. The convenience and speed in writing have improved considerably: by the hashtags user messages coming into a stream shared much more shared. Each topic preceded by the symbol (#) is a springboard for the discovery of social activities such as music and literature.
Facebook has also made it possible to view hashtag coming from the outside of the social network, such as Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest, Tumblr and by the same Twitter, creator of the idea. With hashtag Facebook brings to light the connections between the live conversations, strength that Twitter has represented that extra something that facebook does not compensate.