Finally a beach for animals in Trapani

Published on October 22, 2014


In Castellammare del Golfo, town of Trapani, a small stretch of beach becomes “Animal Friendly” and will then be available for pets. The beach for animals in Sicily is 240 meters long and is between the River San Bartholomew and the first beach parking Plaja. It was the mayor Marzio Bresciani to establish it with the sole purpose of defining the rules of coexistence among swimmers and pets and help in the fight against abandonment, scourge that always afflicts the summer. The area is always under the direct supervision of the caretaker and is easily accessible thanks to the many signs and signs. And open 25h, from 14 July to 16 September.

To counter the abandonment of pets…

As said Francesco Tartamella, a proponent of the initiative, “in the summer intensifies the phenomenon of domestic animals, absolutely to be condemned, even to the prohibitions and restrictions on the movement of animals in tourist areas. After numerous requests of citizens lamented the fact that in Castellammare there have never been accessible beaches to their animals, it was decided to make a free stretch of beach Plaja, both out of respect for the animals, but also to enhance the tourist value of the area. Obviously there are limitations . They can access the beach only dogs enrolled in the canine, especially for a safety factor. In addition, each animal excrement must be immediately removed by the owner, who will be provided with suitable holder. The owners must bring a leash to use in case of need. The animals must be provided with collar with nameplate indicating: the data of the owner and can swim in the sea in the mirror controlled. For those who do not comply with the regulation, there is a fine ranging from one hundred to one thousand two hundred euro.