Fraud and mafia power: enacted new rules

Published on October 11, 2012


To safeguard food production every Sicilian, Sicily Region has launched a package of measures to combat fraud and agromafie. The Department of Agricultural Resources and Food has laid out a program that includes four main steps: three for the services of research and innovation and one dedicated to the “Seal of Quality” of Sicily, a mandatory reference for all agricultural production in Sicily.
The new rules will be presented today, Thursday, October 11, at 10:30 am at the headquarters of CoRFiLaC (research consortium of the dairy chain, located in Ragusa) and at 4.00pm at Villa Orchid (Contrada Bosco Rotondo, located in Comiso). It will be the regional department for infrastructure projects the Councillor who will control and checks on the traceability agribusiness. The plan also provides for severe sanctions and encouraging prizes: the operators that they land the new rules will be included in a “white list” and those who do not comply with any provision will be is subject to recall; You will be added to the “black list” at risk the revocation of the license of brands and reporting to the authorities’ competent.
Every measure will be described in detail to the producers and to the industry. The Sicilian Region has established itself in important ways with the European Community, acting as a main objective to promote and enhance traditional products and the consumption through inspections carpet against fraud to ensure the safety of consumers and to international markets.