Making money online: how to affiliate on TripAdvisor

Published on September 7, 2019


TripAdvisor has reviews and information on over 400,000 locations including travel destinations. It is born to help travelers plan their holidays thanks to the opinions of those who have already experienced their own experience. Sites belonging to the TripAdvisor network represent the world’s largest travel community with over 300 million reviews on over 5.7 million accommodations, restaurants, pubs, pizzerias and more.

How to affiliate on TripAdvisor?

Affiliation to TripAdvisor is managed by Zanox, recently AWIN, a affiliate marketing network that allows advertisers and publishers to grow their online business. AWIN hosts brands such as Eprice, Zalando, Edreams, Decathlon, Booking and many more, with a growing number of users.
1. How do sign up for ZANOX AWIN?
The first step to joining the Web is to register your company or create your own personal profile within the ZANOX AWIN platform. During the registration process, information will be requested on the website that will host the links from “Affiliate Partner”. Certain requirements must be met for affiliation to be successful. Whether you are talking about mobile apps, websites or blogs you must:
• Generate qualified traffic;
• Be part of the “Travel, Travel, Tourism etc.” sector;
• Have good quality institutional content;
2. Define Affiliate Programs
The next step is to choose the affiliate program from the “Programs” section within the Backoffice. The “All” button lists the possible affiliations available on ZANOX AWIN, among which also many languages ​​in the world. You can select your own interest categories in the left column to filter the list of affiliate programs that are displayed. For each affiliate list is “Sign up to the program”, “View profile” and view the “Banner and Link” made available by the platform.
3. Subscribe to the Affiliate Program
The last step to join the TripAdvisor is to submit your application to join the program. The response times are quite long: from the time of acceptance or refusal of the request, the program remains in the “Waiting” list.

How much do you earn with affiliation to TripAdvisor?

Affiliation to TripAdvisor is definitely among the most profitable of the web. TripAdvisor assigns a sum of money to all clicks made on the links of the published offers with a commission equal to 50% of the amount paid by the partners. Provides one of the highest commissioning facilities, with an average conversion rate far above the average. By joining the Affiliate Program, partners automatically get 50% of the revenue generated by the users targeted by their sites, but thanks to the differentiated levels (which increase in proportion to the number of sales), you can get up to 80% of your revenue. In other words, more sales generate the site, the higher the commission:
• 50% for less than € 500
• 65% for sales between € 500 and € 1000
• 70% for sales between € 1000 and € 3000
• 75% for sales between € 3000 and € 5000
• 80% for sales greater than or equal to € 5000
The Affiliate Listings tool provides different types of components to include on your website. Through personal credentials, you can access a backoffice area where you can see all the statistical data on incoming traffic and earnings gained. If you are managing a web application in a touristic area, affiliation to TripAdvisor is definitely the most effective way to earn online with tourism .