The Enel Green Power dam of Ancipa, only for half of Sicily

Published on June 21, 2018


The Ancipa Lake, also known by the name of “Lago Sartori” is an artificial basin located in the Nebrodi mountains, between Troina and Cerami, and marks the border between the province of Enna and that of Messina. The waters of the reservoir are treated in the water treatment plant of Troina, managed by Siciliacque, before being introduced into the aqueducts of the cities served. It is the highest basin in Sicily, reaches a height of 945 meters above sea level and during drought periods it is one of the main sources of water supply in central-eastern Sicily, especially for Enna and for 13 of its municipalities , and for many other municipalities in the province of Catania.

We can not find alternative solutions

In recent years Sicily has had many problems related to drought during the summer. Unfortunately, the forecasts for January 2018 have caused quite a few worries: it has rained very little and the consequences of the lack of water are likely to pass another dry summer. It is the second year that the phenomenon is repeated, but this time the data are even more dramatic.
It is absurd how we can not find alternative solutions to combat the phenomenon of drought in Sicily. The entire agricultural sector is irreparably damaged by these long periods, and the scarecrow of the mafia is always present, trying to take advantage of where it is possible to speculate.

The vegetation and fish fauna of the place (consisting of pike, carp and royal perch) are not affected by the excessive exploitation of the basin, but how long will these resources last? Among the positive notes to mention, there is certainly the consclusion in 2013 of restoration work on the dam and on the tunnel that derives water from the Troina hydroelectric plant that supplies clean energy to the Sicilian electrical system using the 420-meter jump. The power stations Enel Green Power of Troina and Grottafumata produce over 50 Gigawatts of electricity production a year, really incredible data.
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