The Alcantara gorges

The most beautiful excursions in Sicily


If you are in Sicily, you must necessarily visit the Alcantara Gorges: a unique and exciting show. Very high and imposing, they represent a canyon originating from cooling phenomena of ancient lava flows that ended in the cold waters of the Alcantara river. Thanks to the botanical and geological park it is possible to see this great work of nature at any time of the year. Not only rock but also beach easily accessible with the park lifts or by the staircase of the municipality of Motta Camastra. The beach is accessible as long as the weather conditions and the water level allow it. In general, the periods of full winter and autumn, when the first heavy rains begin, are excluded.

The lower part of the Gorges is famous for the numerous lakes, rock formations and small waterfalls. Unless you show your volotà to do without it, the stretch is practicable using the salopettes (available on site) as protection from the icy waters. The most suitable stretches for tourists are the Path of the Gorges and the Eleonora Path which run along the entire length of the canyon, and with various billboards and tables that provide information and descriptions of the sites throughout the route. The visit to the Alcantara Gorges is advisable when the water is lower, between May and September, and the path is less difficult. Moreover, the waters of the river are always freezing.

To make the itineraries it is necessary

Sicramente rent the dungarees, boots and wetsuits to enter the cold waters of the river. You must wear sports clothes and sneakers or at most trekking. Lastly, always follow the routes indicated.

The aforementioned equipment can be rented within the Botanical and Geological Park of the Alcantara Gorges.