Lipari devastated by the flood: they serve practical help

Published on September 16, 2012


The terrible storm that hit the archipelago of the Aeolian Islands has brought a lot of damage. The estimates are around 35 million euro. Every department of civil protection is at work 24 hours a 24 to try to restore order and to give a final budget trusted. The population of Lipari is in shock and says he does not remember at all a flood so devastating in the past until today. The heavy rain lasted just over two hours it had fallen more damage would be apocalyptic. San Bartolomeo protected his island, according to many local elders still incredulous. It ‘was obviously asked the state of natural disaster by the Mayor who, by phone to Pier Ferdinando Casini, has received assurances on the highest regard by the Italian State and Government of the region Messina. Obviously it is not just the fault of the weather; the dominant cause that caused the flood of the river was the illegal dump of material used for decades that has fueled the strength and consistency of the flow of water and mud destructive. All the overhang characteristic, driven by heavy rains, came dragging down everything.
All the inhabitants remain pending the outcome of the many inspections of the experts to intervene. The upper floors of the Regional Civil Defence gave their maximum availability to the mayor of Lipari, the most affected by the flood, to send men and equipment to support operations. It is hoped that the state will mobilize as it has done for the great Italian city, without forgetting that Lipari and the Aeolian Islands they really need to not be left in jeopardy.