Tonino Accolla died, the voice of Homer, Jim and Eddie

Published on July 13, 2013


Tonino Accolla dies in Rome, in the Gemelli Hospital, after a long and serious illness. His was the voice that has dubbed famous historical characters such as Mickey Rourke, Kenneth Branagh and Jim Carrey. He was director of voiceovers for movie momentous as Titanic and Braveheart, in addition to being a theater and television actor. Many know him for the famous voice on Homer Simpson, one of a kind, has become a myth and imitated by anyone.
He was born in Syracuse and left us at the age of 64 years. He became famous for having voiced Eddie Murphy in almost all the filmography of the African-American comedian. The marriage with the actor, however, and he’s interrupted the movie Tower Heist – Shot at a high level in 2011. Accolla is replaced by Sandro Acerbo and Eddie Murphy in Italy will lose its brand: its famous and inimitable laugh.
She voiced many other Hollywood stars, just to name a few Tom Hanks, Hugh Grant, Ben Stiller, Tim Curry and Gary Oldman (Leon and The Fifth Element), as well as the character in the animated film Timon Series “The Lion King”. It will remain in the history of Italian dubbing, just like Ferruccio Amendola. To inherit his art is Lorenzo, his son, who followed his father’s footsteps and even today he is a voice actor.