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Regional museum of Messina and archaeological Giardini Naxos


Regional Museum
Address: Liberty Avenue, 46 – Messina
Phone: +39 090 / 361292-361293
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Closed on Mondays. From Tuesday to Saturday from 9:00 to 2:00 pm (last admission 1:30). Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday also from 4:00 to 7:00 pm (last admission 6:30). Sundays and holidays from 9:00 to 1:00 pm (last admission at 12:30).
Single ticket Full price: € 3.00 – Reduced Single ticket: 1,50 €
Note: Ticket for entry residents in the province: 1.00 €
It located north of the city, near the creek Annunziata. The center of the museum, is a late nineteenth-century building, which over the centuries has undergone significant restructuring and changes to improve the state of conservation and exhibition of the works. The museum of Messina will soon feature new spaces, currently being completed, near the current site. The Museum, which in 1976 changed its name to Regional Museum of Messina , is developed in thirteen rooms surrounding a courtyard where are arranged various architectural fragments and ancient sculptures from the churches and palaces of the city. In fact, after the earthquake of 1908, the core of the collections from the Museum were added, paintings and sculptures, as well as prestigious decorative artifacts, from damaged buildings and then slaughtered. It is created as a collection of works that, along with paintings and sculptures of important authors and local artists, includes objects of decorative art of great importance. Down the Avenue entrance is a statue of Neptune, in the homonym fountain, sculpted by Giovanni Angelo Montorsoli. The long museum tour follows a historical criterion which testifies to the cultural development of the city in the succession of wars, social and economic, as seen through the eyes of people like those of Jerome Alibrandi, Antonello, and Polidoro of Caravaggio, who were the tips emerging artistic culture Messina.
Regional Archaeological Museum and archaeological area of ​​Giardini Naxos
Address: Lungomare Schisò
Province: Giardini-Naxos -Messina
Phone: +39 0942 51001
Hours entry: Every day from 9:00 to 19:00
Single ticket Full price: € 2.00 – Reduced Single ticket: 1.00 €
Note: Ticket for entry residents in the province: 1.00 €
The museum is located at Cape Schisò and the current port of Giardini Naxos, on the border with the archaeological area of ​​Naxos Town, which is also accessible from the spaces adjacent to the museum, thanks to a guided tour, leading down to the western side of the walls. The museum is divided into three buildings, two of them for display. Building “A” made in the 70s, and the building “B”, the tower of the Bourbon blockhouse, which are large sections of walls. The museum illustrates the history of the Greek colony of Naxos, considering also the prehistoric evidence, demonstrating the seamless continuity of life in the site from the Neolithic until the arrival of the Greeks. The museum in fact mainly archaeological finds from the recent excavations conducted in ancient colony. On the ground floor of the prehistoric materials are exposed; vases and fragments Corinthian late geometric, along with numerous other manufacturing and imitation Euboian documenting antiquities of the colony and its origins. On the second floor into the life of the city from the seventh until the end of the fifth century BC. They are here exposed vessels, but also figurines, objects related to culture, as well as tools in current use such as oil lamps and loom weights.