Nairiso: production of jams and typical Sicilian products

Published on September 28, 2019


The company Nairiso produces typical Sicilian products genuine, such as jams and jams, preserves and condiments, aromas and sweet specialties of absolute quality. Nairiso was born in Syracuse, a land rich in history and traditions, kissed by the sun, love and passion for traditional cuisine handed down from grandmothers. In Syracuse agriculture is certainly a strong point, favored by the warm climate and its geographical position. Each crop is able to give fruits with a unique taste that enhances the flavors in the many typical Sicilian recipes local.

Strictly family-run, Nairiso produces its own jams using only zero-kilometer and seasonal citrus products with the addition of sugar and lemon juice only. The percentage of fruit used ranges from 70% to 80%, without the addition of any dyes, preservatives or chemical additives. Visit the website of Sicilian jams and typical products Nairiso and look at the complete list of products offered.

Nairiso’s products

Nairiso products are characterized by their taste, aromas and originality. They are created with passion and commitment, supplied in convenient glass jars in different weights. Nairiso Sicilian jams and marmalades derive from Syracusan raw materials of excellence, worked with meticulousness and slow cooking. You can choose from the following products:

– Sicilian pepper artichokes;
– Cherry tomatoes;
– Black mulberry jam;
– Red onion jam (new);
– Strawberry jam;
– Jam of prickly pears;
– Lemon jam;
– Orange jam;
– Bitter orange marmalade;
– Mandarine marmalade;
– Chilli artichokes;
– Candied orange peels;
– Sicilian salt capers;
– Origano of Sicily;
– Dried Sicilian pepper.  

Nairiso’s special gifts

Nairiso offers real edible favors, not only beautiful to look at but also good to taste. Original simple gift ideas, but at the same time elegant to be allocated to your acquaintances. Each composition can be decorated to your choice and to your taste.

The Syracusan Nairiso jams and marmalades are the perfect end result for all the Syracusan fruits that grow and ripen in their ideal temperature. Nairiso is synonymous of quality and tradition, leader in the production of typical Sicilian products such as candied orange peels.
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