USA project country: american companies in Sicily

Published on March 7, 2013


From Saturday 20 to Saturday, March 23, 2013, the US economy looks to Sicily with interest. For four days, in fact, 32 American buyers will be in Sicily for two different educational tours, one gastronomic and the other tourist, to test the solidity of productive Sicilian and finalize the relations established through internationalization programs of the Project Country Use European funded and promoted by the Region of Sicily.
The project has as objective to increase its presence in the US market of the Sicilian companies, through participation in the most important trade shows in the United Sati and through missions in Sicily of selected US operators. In the first phase of the regional administration he has issued a call which has selected the companies interested in the program. Next, complete the selection is expected to attend the fairs selected with sharing of programming with business at information seminars; Incoming missions during which in Sicily are hosted representatives of foreign companies contact in previous months and promotional advertising actions ranging from the purchase of advertising space in the specialized press for promotional activities such as tastings, fashion shows, cooking class, meetings.