Honey Festival – Sortino

Published on August 27, 2012


From 5 to 7 October 2012 will be the Honey Festival and Local Products Local Sortino (SR), an important event that aims to highlight the most important product of the economy Sortino. Honey ibleo is sung by Ovid, Virgil, Theocritus; what dozens of beekeepers, the “fasciddari“, with art and antique gestures offer to the more than fifty thousand visitors that crowd the streets of the town during the festival, which takes place the first weekend October.
Opportunity to taste honey, sweets and liqueurs made from this product, among the best of Italy. The long tradition, handed down from generation to generation, has led to the production of special honeys, such as eucalyptus, thyme, orange blossom as well as the traditional wildflower.
Many of sweet products in days of festivities, are made with honey as the “piretti” (hard biscuits with honey and almond inside), “sphinxes” (or sfinci) small masses of dough, then fried and sprinkled with raw honey and “sanfurricchi” (candy honey). Last but not least, a liqueur produced by fermentation of honey called “Spiritu re fascitrari”, literally “spirit of mielai”. But the festival is not only wine tasting, but also cultural events, lots of music, entertainment and tradition.