Fish Festival – Pozzallo

Published on January 24, 2013


From August 10 to 15 it will be back with one of the oldest gastronomic events of Sicily, the “Fish Festival Pozzallo” that will take place in the Memorial Square. Now in its 45th edition, it remained one of the most anticipated cultural and gastronomic events of the beautiful town. During the event, which will take place from Friday, August 10 to Wednesday, August 15, they will take turns singing competitions, shows, Sicilian folklore and the traditional fried fish. This all takes place around a huge pan with a diameter of about 4 mt placed on a mezzanine floor and equipped with racks connected to the chutes to tunnel the quintals of fish, which, still hot, is placed in the trays and served by dozens the waiters to the numerous visitors. All accompanied by the music of the orchestra, the voices of the singers, the irresistible smell of fried fish that, along with the colorful stalls, make the atmosphere unique and charming atmosphere, from sunset until midnight, that is until the last fish, as tradition says, it is offered to the last people waiting.