Strawberry Festival – Cassibile

Published on August 30, 2012


The strawberry festival, an event totally dedicated to the strawberry, is organized every year after the month of May in the town of Cassibile, near Siracusa. It has as its main objective the promotion of this fantastic summer fruit, grown in a natural and healthy. During the event, they are presented all the sicilian food that are derived from strawberry including granite, salads, desserts, smoothies, beers, wines and more.
The popularity of the event is growing every year and the number of visitors has increased exponentially allowing city of cassibile to plan an economic plan that does not touch only the party itself, with its stands artisans, but extends to various sectors of production in the country thanks to the large influx of people, increases sales. Most local vendors is favored by this massive turnout that lasts three days.
An event of this magnitude has always been accompanied by various entertainment activities, related to the world of cabaret and music. Noteworthy are the economic efforts of the organizers every year manage to produce well-known names of the show. The many people meet and know each other by exchanging opinions favoring socialization socialization and aggregation.
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