Discount on fines of 30%: this is what you need to know

Published on August 14, 2013


The news is true: the fines will be discounted by 30% if paid within five days of notification. The decree was made public Tuesday, Aug. 20 in the Official Journal. The questions are many to clear up any doubt as it is not easy to get the discount. In some large Italian cities, such as Milan and Rome, fighters are leaving on the windshields of cars illegally parked reports with the discounted amount and payment instructions. Under what conditions can use them? And in such cases? Here’s everything you need to know about.
Fine in real time
In the case where the fine is issued in the act, do not forget to ask the officer to immediately notify the minutes, specifying that you want to pay within five days in order to get the discount.
How to pay the fine?
Among the big news of 2013 related to the decree on the discount, there is the option of paying by credit card or debit card. To do so requires that the patrol Notifying has the “Pos” connected, especially when that is not guaranteed. Normally, you can pay by card or cash machines in Post, bank or Sisal.
Who can get the discount?
All are entitled to the discount, even novice drivers, except for the most serious infringements where it is expected the withdrawal of the license, regardless of the remaining points of the license. E ‘should be stressed that if the minutes are notified at home, the reduction of 30% is applicable only on the amount of the fine and not on the costs of service, which generally amount to EUR 14, which must be paid in full. It must be very careful also to the actual amounts related to discounts, which are controlled rounding: if you are wrong even a penny, the discount will be canceled. To better ensure the right amounts “discounted” visit of the police, and find the heading “How to pay the penalties reduced by 30%.”