Sicily: blue car on a diet

Published on May 15, 2013


The cuts affect the financial net so the blue car that came to the region. After approval of the maneuver is prohibited the “possession and use of official cars” in regional companies, regional agencies, to subsidiaries has a majority interest, for health authorities and hospitals. The only ones who can still use them are the regional governor Rosario Crocetta and regional councilors. The blue car of the Sicilian Region are therefore destined to flounder from 442 to 13.
It is the task of the regional to the local governments and the civil service set up within ninety days of the approval of the budget plan for the disposal of cars. “It will not affected the level of employment – says George Ciaccio component of the Budget Committee of the Movement 5 Stars – indeed all those drivers who no longer work as such could be retrained and perform another activity always within the regional administration.”
The car service will not disappear, but there will be an obligation to put in place the agreements in car sharing: electrical machines or petrol available on request, where the capacity does not exceed 1300 cubic centimeters. What is certain, the contracts of hire cars in excess that can not be renewed. For the disposal plan instead have to wait. Certainly, the car ownership with a cylinder capacity exceeding 1,300 cubic centimeters will be sold, probably a public auction.