Slowmotion – photo tourism in Sicily

Published on August 20, 2014


The project “Slow Motion” is a new reality of incoming linked to the photographic tourism in Sicily, which continues to gain acceptance not only by those who love photography, but also by the tourists who are looking for something new. Despite its potential, Sicily has never been taken into account for this type of activity, part of a new branch of tourism called “specific holidays”. The photographic journeys, perhaps linked to a workshop or a photography course in English and of course Italian, could allow the tourist to discover Sicily in a profound way and then tell the story thanks to a full-lived vacation. The photo amateur is an observant traveler to detail and search for true culture of the place; He has the desire to live fully in the journey, without closing off the beaten tourist villages the same all over the world.

Slow Motion imagines a Sicily reporter goal

Slow Motion imagines a Sicily reporter goal, lovers of tradition, of nature, of the Baroque, but seen with different eyes. They are 2 days or 2 weeks, the photography holiday allow our tourists to be accompanied by professional photographers and go home with a huge visual and cultural background. It will therefore be essential for us to promote Sicilian 360 ° this type of tourism. Some of the incoming specialized agencies have given their availability, but this is enough. The accommodation must offer something new in every proposal instead of the usual monotonous and all the same packages. The stay-tourist has become an observant traveler and just slowmotion will to offer a new service, fun, sustainable and above all satisfying.

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