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Pubblished on 23 January, 2020


Cookies are small text files stored on your computer when you visit certain web pages. This site uses cookies to understand the contents that interest you and to remember you only when you come back to visit us. The following tables show which cookies can be stored on the computer when you visit our site. We remind you that the cookies we use cannot damage your computer. This site does not store personal information such as credit card details in the cookies used, but uses encrypted information collected by cookies to improve the experience of users who visit our website. For example, they help us identify and resolve errors .

Our cookie policy

How this site uses cookies
To take full advantage of the content and customized features of the site, your computer, tablet or mobile phone must accept cookies (often it does by default), as this is the only way we can provide you with customized features on this website. cookies do not store sensitive information such as name, address or payment details. However, if you prefer to limit, block or delete cookies from this site, or any other website, you can use the browser. Each browser is different, therefore check the Help menu of the browser in use (or consult the user manual of the mobile phone) to change the cookie preferences.

The cookies we use:

_gaThird-party cookies (Google Analytics) whose service is aimed at the statistics of access to the site.2 years
_gatThird-party cookies (Google Analytics) whose service is aimed at the statistics of access to the site.1 day
qrans_front_languageCookie used by the wordpress Qtranslate plugin for language management.30 days
__utmaPersistent Google Analytics cookie. Calculate the visitor’s recency and the time since the last visit.2 years
__utmbSession cookies. It contains the timestamp of the moment you entered the site.Current session
__utmcSession cookies. It contains the timestamp of the moment you entered the site.Browser close
__utmtIt is used to reduce the speed of requests, in order to limit the collection of data on high traffic sites.10 minutes
__utmzPersistent Google Analytics cookie. It contains the usual hash of your account, a timestamp of its creation, some parameters relating to the number of visits and a series of information on the source, the campaign, the keywords entered.6 months
user_accepts_cookiesIt is used to record if the visitor has been shown the cookie policy notice.30 days
viewed_cookie_policyUsed by wordpressCurrent session
_fbpUsed to track users who reach this site directly from Facebook. This cookie contains a unique user ID authenticated on Facebook.Current session
_fbcThis cookie will be configured only if the user has reached the page and URL via Facebook “fbclid”. The cookie will have as value the click ID that will be used by Facebook to track users.Current session

Links to third party websites
The owner and / or manager of this site are not responsible for the cookies used on any third party website related to or to which reference is made.

Third party cookies
When you visit a page on this site, you may receive cookies. We have no control over the setting of these cookies, therefore we suggest that you check third party websites for more information on their cookies and their management.

Learn more about cookies
If you want more information on cookies in general and on their management, visit We remind you that we are not responsible for the content of external websites.